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 If you have any questions on how to return/exchange your item, please contact us.

"All Into the Woods colors are named after strong, resilient, adventurous women, of all ages, who continue to inspire me to persevere   even through the darkest of forests." -Marissa 



We make every attempt to accurately reproduce the colors, wood stains and finishes of each item on this website. However, a photograph is not a perfect reproduction of the appearance of an item. Resolution, quality, and color calibrations can be different on each screen, whether it is on a laptop, monitor, television, smartphone, or tablet. Therefore, textures and colors cannot be 100% accurate on any website. By placing your order on Into the Woods, you accept the limitations of not seeing the exact piece in person. If it is important that the color and/or grain be exact, it is highly recommended that you contact us; we can send additional photos of the product(s) you are interested in purchasing.



Wood is a natural product. No two pieces of wood have the same grain, color and texture. When the product is stained, there may be slight variations versus what you see on this website.



All our home products used for food, have been sealed with food grade mineral oil, which is non-toxic and eliminates food-bourne odors.



All silver, gold, and rose gold earring hooks and studs are hypoallergenic and nickel free. The gold hooks/studs have a 14k gold overlay. The rose gold hooks have a 14k rose gold overlay. The silver hooks are made from stainless steel.


The bronze or black hooks are made from various metals. The chrome hooks are made of 925 sterling silver. If you have allergic reactions to different metals, please do not purchase items with this hardware.


You may contact us for a hardware change to suit your allergen needs; a fee may apply.